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Un petit ourson dans le plus classique des huiles essentielles de lavande et lavandin. Les senteurs de la Méditerranée se retrouvent dans ce savon pour enfant aux vertus apaisantes, un allié pour la peau qui remonte au temps de nos grands-mères.

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THE LAVANDIERE BEAR CUB, The most classic with essential oils of lavender and lavandin. The scents of the Mediterranean are reflected in this soap with soothing virtues, an ally for the skin that goes back to the time of our grandmothers.


Propriétés :

Naturally moisturizing and softening by its composition, its formulation is enriched with organic beeswax. Its relaxing virtues, its sweet and flowery perfume make it the ideal gift.

Reste à rédiger*
* Allergènes contenus naturellement dans les huiles essentielles.

Contains essential oils, powerful active ingredients. Use with extreme caution in pregnant, lactating and young children.


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